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Computer & Mobile Device Training


One-­on-­one training sessions to help you better understand your technology devices. Whether you are purchasing a new device or want to expand your knowledge of an existing device, Current will equip you with the knowledge needed to feel confident about your technology abilities.

✔  New to Apple? Learn the Basics

✔  Review Computer Applications (Mail, Microsoft Office, iCloud)

✔  Discuss backup solutions for your devices to prevent data loss

✔  Learn Shortcuts and Helpful hints for your mobile or computer device


Computer & Mobile Device Setup


Have a new computer or mobile device or looking to buy one? Current will help set up your new devices or offer product recommendations based on your needs and ensure the transition from an old to a new device is as smooth as possible.

✔  New Computer or Mobile Device Setup

✔  Multi-­User Account Setup

✔  Product Recommendations


Computer & Mobile Device Troubleshooting


As much as technology can make our lives easier, sometimes it can make our lives harder when it doesn’t work properly! Current will strive to troubleshoot issues you are having with your devices. If the issues are beyond our expertise, we will be your advocate with the right vendors to get your problem solved.

✔  Syncing issues between devices

✔  Mail application issues

✔  Storage Restriction issues

✔  Slow Mac Performance

✔  Data Recovery


The Extras


Current services can go beyond the basics, providing organizational or creative support for personal or business-related projects. Have a project in mind? Send an inquiry our way and we’ll go from there!

✔  Music

✔  Photo Organization

✔  Service Recommendations

✔  Presentations

✔  Social Media Basics

✔  Managing Contacts List

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